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Tips of the Trade: Vegas Buffets

Tips of the Trade: Vegas Buffets Take time out of your Vegas trip to indulge in buffets that line the Strip. These buffets are not your normal run-of-the-mill large trays of lukewarm food. Vegas buffets are masterpieces created by top chefs. There are many tips, do’s and don’ts that come with dining at a Las Vegas buffet.

Do your research

Ask the hotel Concierge or Front Desk staff, research before your trip, read reviews! Do not go off one opinion as there are many options to choose from. Eating at a Vegas buffet is an experience, make sure to choose a buffet that is worth your money, time and taste buds.

Stick to your budget

if you are looking to spend X amount but heard that a certain buffet has the best selection in town along but also comes with a higher price, opt for heading to the buffet for lunch instead of dinner to avoid a extra cost for the same food.

Try new things

Start out small and take a sample of the multitude of food offered. Steer away from the same food you can eat anytime and take a stab at something new.


Know what is included with the price of your buffet before you start ordering beverages. Most of the time, water, juice and soft drinks are the only beverages included with the buffet. However, there are plenty of options that include alcohol.

Never use the same plate: Whether you’re getting back in line for seconds, fifths or just in line to get an extra slice of bread. Always use a fresh, clean plate. There are no ifs, ands or buts to this rule. A new plate is required for every round of food.

Buffet coupons

Many times hotels and casinos will give out complimentary buffet coupons. Check those discount books you’re offered and see what is inside. Many times, you are also able to use your comps for a free Vegas buffet meal, too.


There is much debate over the proper amount to tip in a buffet setting and the amount you leave is up to you-with that being said, you should never leave a buffet without tipping for the service you receive while dining. About 1 year(s) ago