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How to Elope in True Vegas Style

How to Elope in True Vegas Style Weddings these days are like getting lost in a labyrinth of logistics, and then paying a premium for every step you take.
What if you could just skip to the finish line?
You can, and Vegas makes it fast and easy with tons of cheap wedding options and almost no bureaucratic restrictions.

Where to Elope in Vegas

We’ve previously offered a handy guide on where to elope in Vegas and why the Riviera is the perfect spot for your honeymoon.
But if you want the perfect Vegas wedding, an iconic Sin City experience that will leave you with fun and funny stories for the rest of your life, you need to know just a few pointers.
Here’s the Riviera guide to eloping to Vegas in classic style.

Advance planning

Spontaneity is part of the appeal of eloping to Vegas; and true to form, you could just show up and tie the knot on the spur of the moment. The Clark County Marriage License Bureau is open until midnight every day of the year.
But in general, to avoid waits, you want to plan in advance.

Up to four hours

If you do want a last-minute wedding, we advise allowing at least a four-hour window. Don’t worry, you’ll almost always be able to find a fast wedding option, but you’ll risk hitting a crowd with the same idea.

Up to a week

This is the sweet spot we recommend. A week in advance will generally give you plenty of time to find an awesome venue, even a popular one like the Riviera Royale Wedding Chapel, and have your pick of times.

Up to a year in advance

The less flexible your desired wedding, the more time you should allow for preparations. If you want to get married on Valentine’s Day or when a major convention is in town, make your reservations 6 months to a year in advance.

Thinking Ahead

Even when eloping, your wedding should still make a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime, an event you’ll eagerly celebrate annually and regale friends and family with all the great stories.
In fact, eloping to Vegas is ideal for a unforgettable wedding, because you can genuinely have fun with it, while we strip away all the stresses and costs. In the end, you savor just the parts of the wedding you want.
Awesome, right?
Just be sure to think ahead a few years. Imagine: it’s your fifth anniversary (for example), and you’re thinking back on your Vegas wedding. It was fun! It was easy! It was … maybe missing something?
Don’t let that be you, when it’s so easy to take a few steps so you never regret eloping.

First: Dress For The Day

You can get married in shorts and a tee-shirt, no problem. Heck, some couples will look back and laugh at the fact they did this, and if that’s what you want, go for it! But your future self might wish you’d imbued a little more formality into such a marvelous occasion.
So here’s our tip: dress the way that will best commemorate the occasion for you.
Traditional? Formal? Beachwear? Medieval costuming? Whatever it is, make it worth the memory.

Second: Immortalize the Event

If you splurge anywhere, consider a professional photographer.
They can capture not just the wedding but your entire trip, and create a visual history that will keep the amazing memories alive for you. Plus, pro photographers bring an artistry to the their work that adds the “extra” to “ordinary” and leaves you with visuals that pull out the hidden beauty even from stolen moments. Expert photographers can give a fast wedding the appearance of a timeless one.
Your future self will thank you for crafting and recording a memory that stands out from the everyday in every way.

Elope and Live Your Wedding Dream

Here’s one of the best parts of getting married in Vegas: you get to choose the wedding of your dreams, and it’s as simple as ordering off a menu.
No hiring an expensive wedding planner, no need to assemble a wedding one canapé, one flower, one vow at a time. You just run your finger down the list, pick, and the entire experience can be assembled for you on the fly.
So give some thought to what dreams you can bring to life with your Vegas wedding.
Elvis is, of course, the classic Vegas experience. At the Riviera Royale Wedding Chapel, for example, Elvis not only marries you, he will then serenade the new couple with several classic songs. A professional video of the ceremony means you can revisit Elvis whenever you like.
Or you might want a wedding that’s more classy than classic. Right now, our Wedding Chaper is actually featuring a Royale Wedding Package contest: get married with a wedding celebration that could rival the recent nuptials of Prince William and Duchess Kate in style … for free!


If there’s one thing Vegas is good for – well, one more thing after eloping! – it’s throwing a grand party, whether there are two or twenty or two hundreds of you. Give yourself a well-deserved denouement to savor what has been not just the best day of your life, but the easiest too.
That little piece of paper that certifies your new marriage – congratulations! – is only the height of the experience if you stop there. When you elope, you are crafting a story that you’ll be telling for years to come. Makes sure you make the most of what Vegas has on tap – delicious dining, honeymoon-ready day trips, fabulous shows – to finish the perfect wedding tale.
Want some help? The Riv stands ready: get more information about our Weddings & Ceremonies and elope in true Vegas style! About 1 year(s) ago