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How to beat the heat and stay cool in Vegas

How to beat the heat and stay cool in Vegas Vegas is so cool it’s hot! But it’s also so hot, it’s important to stay cool.
That’s because when we say Vegas is hot, we mean Mother Nature sets the thermostat at a toasty 100+ degrees F in the height of summer. It is a desert around here, you know.
Thankfully, it’s a dry heat – or maybe that’s cold comfort? – but many visitors are nevertheless unprepared for the sheer intensity of the sun combined with high temperatures.
Staying cool is about more than comfort, it’s also about health and well-being. Heat stroke is the result of excessive body temperature combined with dehydration. In fact, a recent heat wave has sent dozens of people suffering from heat exhaustion to area hospitals. The Associated Press reports , “Some 30 people at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas were hospitalized on Friday afternoon for heat-related injuries when temperatures soared to 115 and tied the city’s record for the date set in 1994.”
Here’s our guide to beating the heat.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and/or sports drinks. Better yet, drink your beverages cold to help lower your core temperature.
Watch your alcohol consumption. Alcohol actually dehydrates you, which makes your body less able to cope with the heat. That’s not to say you have to avoid all alcohol – there’s nothing more refreshing that a cool cocktail like a crisp, minty mojito on a simmering hot day – just make sure you continue to drink water at the same time.

Stay Indoors

Fortunately, Vegas offers no shortage of fun activities that can keep you in the cool zone of lovely air conditioning: gaming, museums, attractions, shopping.
In fact, summertime is the perfect time to grab a refreshing cocktail or beverage and settle down for an afternoon in the Riviera’s 100,000 square foot casino. Hit up R Steak and Seafood for a delicious dinner, followed by a show like ILLUSIONS featuring Jan Rouven or our famed Comedy Club, and you’ll have yourself a fabulous day of classic Vegas fun without ever breaking a sweat.
But what if you want to tour the Strip during your stay?
No worries. You can opt for taxis, the Deuce double-decker bus (whose second level offers some great sight-seeing), the Las Vegas Monorail, resort trams and shuttles that link sister properties, and connectors that allow visitors to travel between resorts without ever stepping outdoors.
If you do want to undertake any outdoor activities, plan accordingly: venture out early morning or in the evening, and slather on the sunscreen.

Laze by the pool

We just talked last month about water sports in the desert, and this is indeed a great time of year to get wet.
The Riviera itself hosts a gorgeous pool with plenty of shady seating and gorgeous people watching. In fact, the best way to make a splash on your Vegas trip is with a visit to the pool!
You might also consider water sports on Lake Mead, or an afternoon at the newly opened Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park.

Dress appropriately for the weather and the place

Our first piece of advice: layer. This is a smart packing-and-dressing tactic that lets you add or remove clothing easily to adjust for the situation and temperatures. For example, most businesses keep the air conditioning on high around here. At first, it feels great; then, it feels cold. A light sweater, jacket or cover-up that you can throw on will ensure you’re comfortable no matter where you are.
Beachwear, like swimsuits and flip flops, is always perfect poolside. It’s less appropriate to walk through the casino wearing only a bathing suit or towel. Have something you can put on over your swimwear if you’re going to go through the hotel during or after your foray to the pool.
Plus, it’s actually a good idea to cover up if you’re going to be sitting or strolling through the sun: light colors reflect heat, fabric will protect you from sunburns and damp clothing will keep your body cooler, more efficiently.
Casualwear, like shorts, t-shirts and even flip flops, are perfectly fine inside the hotel and casino, especially during the day.
But at night, be aware that the heat won’t excuse you from business casual. But business casual doesn’t mean you need to wear heavy woollen suits! A nice pair of lightweight slacks and a button-down shirt, or a summer dress, will be just right for most restaurants and shows. In fact, some restaurants and shows have stringent dress requirements; be sure to ask when you make your reservations. About 1 year(s) ago