La Concha Motel

The Moroccan-style architecture is no accident. La Concha took over the neighboring El Morocco a few years back and retained the theme for its circular lobby. Bringing the multi-ethnic theme to the next level, there’s a Korean restaurant at the motel. Check out the sushi bar; it’s all you can eat–so long as you eat it within an hour. Two- and three-story motel complexes from the ’60s extend out back, leading to a modern nine-story tower. In all, there are 351 rooms that run a bit larger than the typical shoebox-size rooms common at so many motels. Decorated in light wood, their style is clean and contemporary. But aside from the two swimming pools, the amenities are sparse, so don’t plan on doing any cooking, laundry or HBO viewing. Just put the chores on hold and walk to The Strip from this nice central location.