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Non-Gaming Hotels

If you’re not a gambler, or just don’t want to fight your way through the casino crowds on the way to the front desk, you don’t have to stay in a huge gambling-centered megaresort when visiting Las Vegas. It may come as a surprise, but there are local hotels and motels that don’t have so much as a slot machine.

These accommodations run the gamut from old-style motor lodges to swanky upscale resorts. We have crisscrossed the Las Vegas Valley to highlight some of the best choices here.

First, a few pointers.

Rates in Las Vegas fluctuate from week to week and month to month. Part of the variation is due to the seasons. The demand for rooms is strong almost year-round but tends to be heaviest in spring and fall. Peak periods occur during all holidays and around major conventions. It’s not unusual for hotels and motels to triple or quadruple their regular room rates during these events, which span up to a week.

When looking at advertised rates, note that hotels may advertise a great price–such as $24–but that’s almost always a per-person rate based on double occupancy. So that actually adds up to a minimum charge of $48. You’ll also want to be mindful of the local sales and room taxes that are tacked on, boosting the bill by 9 percent. We take all this into account in our listings.

Unless otherwise noted, the accommodations in this chapter have outdoor pools, free local phone calls, cable television and rooms for nonsmokers. Major credit cards are accepted, and reservations are encouraged, especially on weekends. Pets are not permitted unless we tell you otherwise.