Is the Riviera Hotel closed?

Is the Riviera Hotel closed?

The Riviera Hotel & Casino is known today for being one of Las Vegas’s most famous landmarks. It plays an important role in the city’s history because of its innovative design by the time it was built and the renowned shows that were presented exclusively in the hotel, like the topless burlesque show called Crazy Girls, which turned into the … Read More

Has the Riviera Hotel been sold?

Las Vegas is renowned internationally for being an important touristic destination. Gambling in large casinos, live performances, burlesque shows, luxurious resorts, nightclubs… all these are symbols of Las Vegas, where adult entertainment and fun prevails. In fact, that is why it is popularly referred to as the Sin City. But, of course, Las Vegas wasn’t always the city that we … Read More

Oldest hotels in Las Vegas

Oldest hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is largely renowned thanks to The Strip, a large section of the Las Vegas Boulevard South that is home to many of the world’s largest resorts and casinos. It’s recognized for being a city always illuminated by the bright and vivid colors that abound throughout the entire city. A place where fun is the priority, reason why it … Read More

Was the Riviera hotel haunted?

Was the Riviera hotel haunted?

The Riviera Hotel & Casino is one of The Strip’s most renowned landmarks. It is a historic hotel that marked an important milestone for being the first high-rise building in The Strip; plus, it was the best hotel & casino in the area by the time it was opened. It had such fame that famous people like Liberace – which … Read More

Riviera reviews

When we talk about Las Vegas, the first thing that we think about – generally – is casinos and large hotels and resorts. In fact, Las Vegas’s fame is because of them, principally. That’s why many people have asked themselves: when did Las Vegas start to gain prestige and attract so many tourists? Well, it all started with some historic … Read More

Convention centers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a worldwide renowned city, not only in the United States. This bright city is filled with buildings specialized to lend entertainment, especially gambling – principal reason why it is also known as the “Sin City”. Specifically, The Las Vegas Strip (better known as The Strip), the most famous section of Las Vegas, is the most important commercial … Read More

How To Win At Roulette Online?

Roulette is the most popular and well known game in the casino, which, in many ways, and keeps the whole industry from the 19th century. But did you know that the “father” of roulette is the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal? The game of roulette is equally popular and attractive as in casinos and in online casinos which is popular for … Read More

Airlines that fly to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an internationally-renowned, iconic city that comes with breathtaking hotels, resorts and casinos. In fact, 14 of the world’s 25 largest hotels (by room number) are all located in Las Vegas Strip, a street that goes through Paradise, Winchester and Las Vegas. The only problem for those who want to visit Las Vegas is that it is located … Read More

Old Las Vegas hotels

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most renowned touristic destinations, including a large number of enormous hotels and casinos that attract visitors from any part of the world. Some people might ask: since when is Las Vegas a touristic destination? Even though Las Vegas is an old city, the boom that catapulted it into worldwide fame (the Las Vegas … Read More

Famous Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is internationally known as a touristic destination filled with worldwide-famous hotels and casinos. Since gambling was legalized in this area, millions of national and international tourists visit this city each year to enjoy the excitement that casinos offer. Las Vegas itself isn’t home to many casinos; the place that is frequently known as Las Vegas is the Las … Read More