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Airlines that fly to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an internationally-renowned, iconic city that comes with breathtaking hotels, resorts and casinos. In fact, 14 of the world’s 25 largest hotels (by room number) are all located in Las Vegas Strip, a street that goes through Paradise, Winchester and Las Vegas. The only problem for those who want to visit Las Vegas is that it is located in a remote place, amid a large desert. Even though many highways connect to Las Vegas, arriving by land is better to avoid.

So, in order to avoid the long journey by land, most tourists decide to arrive by airplane. However, knowing which airlines fly to Las Vegas is essential. Thus, to make things easier yet, let’s give you a list of the airlines that fly to Las Vegas.

Flights to Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a public international airport called McCarran International Airport. It was built completely in 1942 and opened to commercial flights six years later, in 1948. To have an idea of how busy it is, it is the world’s 8th most-busy airport based on aircraft traffic. Even though flights from all around the globe arrive in the McCarran International Airport, most of the flights to Las Vegas are national flights.

The McCarran International Airport works as an operating base for Allegiant Air, which is responsible for most national flights to or from Las Vegas. Other airlines that use this airport as a crew and maintenance base are Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline that operates all around the United States. A great number of tourists choose this airline to fly to Las Vegas. Here is the list of the cities from which Allegiant Air flies to Las Vegas and vice versa, based on its other operating bases.

  • Tampa Bay Area, Florida (St. Pete – Clearwater International Airport)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)
  • Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Delton – Fort Walton Beach Airport)
  • Miami, Florida (Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport)
  • Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles International Airport)
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach International Airport)
  • Oakland, California (Oakland International Airport)
  • Sanford, Florida (Orlando Sanford International Airport)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix – Mesa Gateway International Airport)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh International Airport)
  • Punta Gorda, Florida (Charlotte County Airport)

Southwest Airlines

Now, we’ll give you the list of cities from which Spirit Airlines flies to Las Vegas and vice versa:

  • Chicago, Illinois (Midway International Airport)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix – Sky Harbor International Airport)
  • Denver, Colorado (Denver International Airport)
  • Oakland, California (Oakland International Airport)
  • Houston, Texas (William P. Hobby Airport)
  • Baltimore, Maryland (Baltimore – Washington International Airport)
  • Dallas, Texas (Dallas Love Field)
  • Orlando, Florida (Orlando International Airport)

Spirit Airlines

Finally, let’s give you the list of cities which Southwest Airlines uses as operating bases; these operating bases are the responsible of the flights to Las Vegas, and vice versa.

  • Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Metropolitan Airport)
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey (Atlantic City International Airport)
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport)
  • Dallas, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport)
  • Chicago, Illinois (O’Hare International Airport)

Old Las Vegas hotels

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most renowned touristic destinations, including a large number of enormous hotels and casinos that attract visitors from any part of the world. Some people might ask: since when is Las Vegas a touristic destination? Even though Las Vegas is an old city, the boom that catapulted it into worldwide fame (the Las Vegas we know today) occurred in the 40’s. Now, in order to earn such fame, there were many historic establishments that contributed to this purpose, especially hotels and casinos, or a mix of both. Considering the importance that the historic hotels had in the fast growth of the city, let’s analyze some of them and what they offered.

Historic Las Vegas hotels

What most people consider as Las Vegas (where all the famous hotels are) isn’t really Las Vegas; in fact, it is actually part of Winchester, which limits with Las Vegas. The place that is known as “Las Vegas” in Winchester is the Las Vegas Strip, the specific area where all the prestigious hotels and casinos are located.

  1. El Rancho Vegas. This hotel was the first hotel built in Las Vegas Strip. It was opened in April 1941; yes, it is almost 80 years old. El Rancho Vegas started an enormous legacy of hotels in the Las Vegas Strip. It counted with 110 rooms, which made it the largest hotel in the area. By the time it was opened, it was a very spectacular place that had no match in Las Vegas. The El Rancho Vegas offered horseback riding, a big swimming pool and high-quality shows in the Opera House (another name for its theater). Its dining room was the largest in the city. Plus, it had a casino that consisted of 4 table games and 70 slot machines.
    The casino was completely destroyed by a fire in 1960, and was never rebuilt. In its place, another hotel called Hilton Grand Vacations Club was built on top of a great portion of the land that the El Rancho Hotel occupied. Another large portion of the area where this hotel was located is now occupied by the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, built in 2015.
  2. New Frontier. Formerly known as Last Frontier and The Frontier, this hotel was officially the second hotel to be built in Las Vegas Strip. Its opening occurred in October 30, 1942. This Western-style hotel had 986 rooms. Originally, it was a nightclub which was called Pair-O-Dice. It was rebuilt under the name of Hotel Last Frontier. This hotel hosted Elvis Presley’s first appearance in the city in 1956. The hotel was opened until 2007, and was demolished the same year; now, a new hotel called Alon Las Vegas will occupy its place.
  3. Tropicana Resort & Casino. The Tropicana was opened in April 1957, and the most interesting part is that it’s still operating. Few resorts of its time have maintained until our days. When it was inaugurated, it was very amazing. The former “Paradise Tower” was built in 1979 and had 21 floors. Other buildings were added to the resort, and it progressively increased in size and fame. It offers 1878 rooms distributed in its area, along with a casino that comes with 61.000 square feet of gaming space. Until our days, the Tropicana is still considered as one of the best hotel & casinos in the Las Vegas Strip, and still offers high-quality entertainment in several interesting and fun shows.
  4. Flamingo. The Flamingo was one of the first hotels to be built in the Strip. It was opened in December 26, 1946, promoted as “The West’s Greatest Resort Hotel”. It was the first luxury hotel in the Strip. Originally, the resort counted with 105 rooms. In the next years, it passed through several major changes. The last part of the original structure was demolished in 1993. Even though it has suffered many important changes, it is considered as the oldest hotel in Las Vegas Strip still opened. The actual structure enjoys 77.000 square feet of extension and a respectable number of 3.626 rooms. Plus, in honor to its name, it has a courtyard habitat that includes flamingos. Its actual owner is the Caesars Entertainment Corporation.
  5. Sahara. Formerly called the Sahara Hotel & Casino, this hotel was opened in October 1952. It counted with 1.720 rooms in 85.000 square feet of land. Originally, the site was a casino called Club Bingo in 1947; later on, in 1952, the owner at that time decided to replace the site with a hotel & casino, called “Sahara Hotel”. Even though it was closed in 2011, it is still remembered as one of Las Vegas Strip’s oldest and historic hotels. In 1963, a 24-floor tower was included in the hotel; after it was completed, it was known as Las Vegas’ tallest hotel building. The Sahara Hotel &Casino was a major attraction for tourists and celebrities as well.
  6. Riviera Hotel & Casino. This hotel was the ninth hotel in the Las Vegas Strip, but was known as the first high-rise hotel, thanks to the 23-story building it disposed of. The Riviera is remembered as one of the Las Vegas’ most famous landmarks. It was opened in April 1955. It was closed in 2015, and completely demolished in 2016. It had 2.100 rooms, most of which were located in the 23-floor building we mentioned previously. “The Riv”, as it was colloquially known as, even modified the standard of hotel designs until the moment by presenting a innovating design in the Strip until that time, that were motel-like structures; the Riviera had a much more modern look that attracted thousands of visitors.
  7. Flamingo Capri Motel. Formerly called the Flamingo Capri Motel, this place cost $2 million when it was built, back to 1959. It had only 180 rooms, but it progressively started increasing in size, capacity and fame as well. It is actually called “The Linq”, and now counts with 2.640 rooms and a casino of 118.000 square feet.

Famous Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is internationally known as a touristic destination filled with worldwide-famous hotels and casinos. Since gambling was legalized in this area, millions of national and international tourists visit this city each year to enjoy the excitement that casinos offer. Las Vegas itself isn’t home to many casinos; the place that is frequently known as Las Vegas is the Las Vegas Strip, which is located in Winchester, which limits with Las Vegas. Las Vegas Strip, commonly abbreviated as “The Strip”, is where a wide variety of prestigious casinos are located.

Many may ask: which are the best casinos in the Las Vegas Strip? We might not be able to give you answers about which are the best, but we sure can show you which the most famous casinos in the Strip are. Here’s the list:

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock is a very well-known brand in the United States and the entire world as well. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas has a casino worth visiting. This establishment earns around 30% of its income thanks to the casino. The casino has a total gaming space of 30.000 square feet. The table games that can be found in this casino include the traditional ones, like Progressive-Three Card Poker, Big 6, Let It Ride, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, and even more. A Poker room is also available, and counts with professional dealers and a very classy environment. Plus, the entertainment that characterizes the Hard Rock hotels makes the experience a lot better: nightclubs, bars, DJ concerts and much more, along with the casino, make the stay an unforgettable experience. Definitely, this place can’t be ignored in this list.

Stratosphere Las Vegas

This tower, hotel and casino, located in North Las Vegas Strip, is one of Las Vegas’ landmarks, especially because of the great height of the Stratosphere Tower, which is United States’ tallest observation tower. But the casino that is part of the Stratosphere complex (which is not in the tower but in the other buildings that are part of the complex) is very interesting as well. This casino counts with 80.000 square feet of gaming area and a large number of games, including 50 table games, more than 1.500 slot machines and video poker, a poker room and a sports book. Besides, the amusement parks that are in the tower that is part of the same complex lend even more fun.

Treasure Island

Besides the fact that Treasure Island has received an outstanding rating by the AAA (Four Diamond) for 14 years straight (from 1999 to 2013), it counts with an awesome casino that deserves to be highlighted. The casino offers a total of 95.000 square feet of gaming space. This gaming space includes many famous table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Let It Go, and much more. Also, the TI Players Club members enjoy free Wi-Fi in the Poker Room, along with friendly dealers. TI also has a Race and Sports Book, with a 60-inch LED screen wall and excellent service. One of the best parts about this casino is that it’s open 24 hours; this excludes other adjacent rooms like the Poker Room and the Race & Sports Book.

New York, New York Hotel & Casino

By only seeing the place’s name, we can imagine how it’s going to be. It is, generally, a replica of New York. The hotel even has towers that resemble the Empire State building and the Chrysler Building. The casino is as impressive as the complex’s outer façade; it offers 84.000 square feet of gaming area, filled with a wide variety of fun games, including more than 67 traditional table games like Three-Card Poker, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and much more. Plus, the casino has over 1.500 slot machines with different denominations. Of course, the Race & Sports Book couldn’t miss. Noticeably, the casino is named after Central Park, and comes with some details that remember of the actual Center Park in the real city of New York. Along with this well-endowed casino, a lot of other features that the New York New York Hotel & Casino offer make this place a must-visit for tourists.

Bellagio Resort

In order to have an AAA rating of 5 diamonds, this hotel has to offer top service and amazing features. The Bellagio Resort, further than satisfying our expectations, exceeds our expectations by much. This highly-luxurious hotel is one of the most elegant and luxurious hotels in Las Vegas and the entire world as well. It also counts with a very large casino that has a total of 116.000 square feet of gaming space. The casino has more than 2.300 slot machines, along with the traditional table games. Its poker areas are one of the world’s most famous, considered by many renowned poker players as “The Office”; this is especially due to the fact that it has a table limit that exceeds the average. Some pots during games in this site can even go further than $1 million. The Bellagio’s poker room is so top-class that it has hosted some World Poker Tour tournaments.

Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay is one of Las Vegas’ most prestigious hotels, and deserves recognition as well. Not only does it counts with awesome awards, like the Best Pool of Las Vegas, granted by the ‘Journal Reader’ and the 11-hectare artificial beach. By only looking at the Mandalay Bay’s structure, you can feel you’ll have a great time in your stay. The Mandalay Bay casino is also interesting. It counts with one of the largest gaming space throughout Las Vegas casinos: 135.000 square feet. It also offers more than 1.700 slot machines and video poker. The classic table games are also available in the casino, like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and more. Besides, it offers a wide variety of poker games, like Three-Card Poker. And, in case you don’t know how to play poker and want to give it a try, it offers FREE training sessions.

How did Las Vegas start?

For so many years, Las Vegas is highly-renowned for its touristic attractiveness due to the spectacular hotels, resorts, casinos and other entertainment sites that are located there. In order to reach the fame that it has in our days, it had to start from the bottom, obviously; fame isn’t acquired automatically. Thus, knowing how Las Vegas turned into what it is in our days taking a look at its history and the legal issues that influenced its rapid growth is very interesting.

The history of Las Vegas Strip

First of all, most people relate “Las Vegas” with the bright, colorful streets filled with lights and luxurious hotels and casinos. The truth is that this isn’t actually Las Vegas city; it is really an area called “Las Vegas Strip” that embraces part of Paradise and Winchester, Nevada, that limits with Las Vegas. So this article will give details about Las Vegas Strip history, not Las Vegas city specifically.

The Las Vegas Strip started with Pair-O-Dice, the first casino of the Strip (how the Las Vegas Strip is colloquially called). Pair-O-Dice was opened in 1931. Incredibly, the entire area would grow due to the great success that this casino had. On another hand, the first hotel of the area was the El Rancho Vegas, which had 63 rooms. This hotel was inaugurated 10 years after the casino, in April 1941.

As we mentioned previously, due to the success of the Pair-O-Dice casino, it was rebuilt and renamed further on as Last Frontier Hotel & Casino. After this construction, other projects started to appear, like the Flamingo Hotel & Casino, which was opened in 1946, and the Desert Inn, inaugurated in 1950. Due to the success that the casinos and hotels were obtaining in the area, more and more hotels were built progressively. One interesting facts about the Las Vegas Strip’s growth is that many organized crime members participated in the construction of many of the zone’s first hotels and casinos. For example, Bugsy Siegel was the responsible of building and opening the Flamingo and Desert Inn.

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of the Strip for tourists is the legalization of gambling. All the hotels and casinos of the area have taken advantage of the legal gambling to attract most amounts of visitors as possible.

Noticeably, the area’s name was given by the Los Angeles police officer called Guy McAfee, inspired on his hometown, called Sunset Strip.

Some of the Strip’s landmarks

The Strip has a great number of important sites that have catapulted its fame; in other words, the Strip’s fame is thanks to these sites, considered landmarks. Considering the importance that the different landmarks have in the Las Vegas Strip area, which are the Las Vegas Strip’s landmarks? Let’s see some of them in the following list:

  • Caesars Palace. This is definitely one of the Strip’s landmarks, because of the importance it had in its history and the fame it still enjoys of. It is ranked by the AAA as a four-diamond hotel, and it is one of the most prestigious hotel & casinos in the Strip. Its whole theme is based on the Roman Empire; it even has a large number of statues and columns that resemble those of the Roman Empire. These sculptures include a 20-foot high Julius Caesar statue in the place’s entrance. It has a huge convention center and an enormous casino, which disposes of 000 square feet of gaming space.
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, this site has to be considered a Las Vegas Strip Landmark. By the time it was opened, in1993, it was the largest hotel complex in the world. Nowadays, it is the third-largest hotel complex, with 5.124 rooms. Its casino is even larger than the Caesars Palace’s casino, having 171.500 square feet of gaming area. Plus, the impressive swimming pools, waterfalls and rivers that surround the place make it one-of-a-kind.
  • Stratosphere Tower, Hotel & Casino. The hotel complex that owns the tallest structure of Las Vegas (and the tallest observation tower in America) couldn’t pass by unnoticed. It holds the world’s second-highest thrill ride, the Big Shot, which rises 081 feet in the air. Besides, the rotating restaurant and other thrill rides make this hotel complex a place filled with amusement; and, of course, is considered a landmark.

Las Vegas weather in August

The Las Vegas Valley has a similar climate throughout the entire year, no matter which month. The difference of weather from one month to another is practically unnoticeable, but exists. Generally, Las Vegas is known for its very hot temperatures and few precipitations. In fact, throughout the city, many huge fans are usual, in order to help people cool out. However, let’s concentrate in the weather in the month of August.

Climate of Las Vegas in August

Las Vegas has a desert climate, generally; more specifically, subtropical hot desert climate. This is especially due to the fact that the city lies in the middle of a desert (Mojave Desert). Throughout the summer, the heat intensifies significantly. July is generally the hottest month of the year. Based on several stats, the average maximum temperature registered in Las Vegas throughout August is 46.7 ºC, an impressively high temperature. Although reaching the average maximum temperature is sporadic and not very likely, it’s possible.

The minimum absolute temperature registered in August drops down to 12.2 ºC, resulting in an overall average temperature in Las Vegas in August of 32.6 ºC. Even though it is much lower than the average maximum temperature, the average temperature in Las Vegas is also very hot. Notably, the average maximum and minimum temperatures are hard to reach, but are established by previous registers in the zone; these registers work to calculate a definite average. Also, the registers are realized every month; the annual average is based on each month’s registers.

August is one of the hottest months in Las Vegas, but the lack of humidity that characterizes the zone reduces the maddening heat feeling. Precipitations are very low in Las Vegas, independently on which month. In August, the total precipitations average is only 8.4 mm.

Where to shop in Las Vegas

Oh, sure: shows and casinos and a buzzing nightlife are all fantastic, but sometimes you just gotta shop. And Las Vegas has some of the best shopping in the country, with not one but two outlet malls, showgirl stores, and shopping centers that feel more like quaint European villages than commercial areas.

Town Square

6605 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Town Square is magical. Squint and you just might think you’re in a charming Italian village, what with the gorgeous architecture, outdoor walkways and lovely Mediterranean-style colors and feel.
Stores here include Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret, Aldo, MAC, Steve Madden, H&M, Banana Republic and Sephora. There’s also an 18-screen RAVE movie theater and a 13,000 square foot children’s park. (It has a two-story tree house. Get the kidlets there, stat.)

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas

32100 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Primm, NV 89019

It’s about 40 miles south of Vegas, close to the California border, but this is a dream destination for bargain shoppers with designer tastes. (There’s a round-trip shuttle from the Strip offered at $25; it even comes with a savings card to use at the outlet mall. Call 702-874-1400 for more info.) As for the shopping, it’s delightful: Michael Kors, Coach, Cole Haan, Nine West, Williams-Sonoma, Ultra Diamonds, Fossil, Charlotte Russe and other great stores abound.

Fashion Show

3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

One of Las Vegas’s most popular shopping destinations, this enormous, space-age looking mall attracts millions of visitors from around the world. You’ll find a wide variety of stores, from kiosks to department stores such as Macy’s and Saks to chain shops such as Zara. There are also quite a number of boutiques and art galleries. Plan to devote several hours to this mall; it has no fewer than 200 stores.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets – South

7400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89123

You’ll find a plethora of affordable brands at this outlet mall on the Las Vegas Strip: from Sunglass Hut to Ann Taylor to Kenneth Cole to Skechers, there’s bound to be a store to fit your fashion needs. The biggest bargains are to be found at the shopping annex at the south end of the mall, right near the Reebok.

Strings by Judith

3185 S Highland Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89019

We can’t close a section on shopping in Las Vegas without including the quintessential showgirl’s store: from lingerie to bathing suits guaranteed to relieve you of “Saggy Butt Bikini” to full-on exotic dance costumes, Judith’s has it all. There’s even a seamstress on hand during store hours, Monday-Friday 10-6. Go on: stop in and take home a glamorous little bit of Vegas.

How to Get the VIP treatment in Las Vegas

VIP service companies are all the rage in Sin City, with some of them providing legitimate, top-of-the-line services, and some acting as little more than scam operations. Although we at the Riviera Hotel & Casino don’t officially endorse any VIP planners, we thought we’d list a few that receive consistently good reviews from our guests.

What is VIP Service?

In Vegas, VIP service can mean a range of things, but it normally includes limo (or Hummerzine) service, skipping the lines at popular clubs, table and/or bottle service, renting fantastic cars, building a custom party, getting the tee time (and caddies, male or female) you want, and more. The sky’s the limit.

VIP Transportation

A number of promo services provide either limo service or access to high-end sports cars.

VIPnVegas says they’ll pick you up from the airport in a limousine. They have Hummerzines, an F650 and a Party Bus, as well as The Vault – a Stretch Brinks Truck, which can carry up to 40 people to, say, a bachelor party. There’s also the Big Blue Limo, an enormous, modified stretch limo or limo bus featured in Lil Wayne’s “Like a Lollipop” video, and the Pink Stretch Hummer for bachelorette parties.

The company also offers exotic car rental: choose from a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder convertible, a Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe, a Ferrari F430, a Ferrari 360 Spyder, or an Aston Martin DB9. You can rent your vehicle for as little as an hour to as long as a few weeks.

VIP Nightclub Service

The hottest nightlife in town undoubtedly takes place at the Riviera – have you seen our Crazy Girls show yet? – but for those who want to go club hopping, a number of promo companies offer VIP services to help you cut through the lines.

Red Carpet VIP is one of those companies, and garners good reviews. With table service and nightclub bottle service, they recommend and plan exactly where to sit and what to drink, and they claim you’ll never have to wait in line. They also claim to be able to get you into strip clubs for FREE by limo.

A company called Free Vegas Club Passes also claims to help you skip the line to go straight into the club, with ladies getting in for free. The service is free. You fill out their questionnaire, receive some information and a name or two to drop, and voilà, they say – free entry.

VIP Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Both Red Carpet VIP and VIPnVegas can help you plan your big party – and get you there in style.
A third company, Club Viva Las Vegas, also says they’ll help plan the perfect celebration. Their rates are cheaper than the other two, and some reviewers have expressed that you get what you pay for. But if you’re on a budget, this might be a good place to explore.

VIP Adventures

If you’re into golfing (with Caddy Girls), extreme ATV/Jet Skiing, dune buggying, fighter jets, go-karting, shooting, helicoptering, jet boating, sky diving or zip lining, then get in touch with VIPnVegas for information on their services.

Vegas VIP also offers experience packages. We have not heard many reviews about their staff, but the packages may include golfing, skydiving, race car driving, shooting, or flying like a fighter pilot.

And, finally, Awesome Adventures offers hotel pickup in a custom stretch H2 Hummer or Rockstar Party bus equipped with flat screens and a wet bar. They’ll take you to either a Hoover Dam Tour, an Eldorado Canyon Tour or a Valley of Fire tour so that you can indulge in horseback riding, canyoneering and ziplining, or ATV driving.

The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

Vegas is a foodie’s paradise: we boast more than our fair share of celebrity chefs, and we’ve even managed to transform the humble buffet from perfunctory eating into culinary art.

But let’s face it: sometimes you just want to get back to basics, right? Like a delicious piece of pizza pie. Here are our picks for some of the most sinfully delicious slices in the Nevada desert.


This is the pizzeria from which President Obama himself picked up some pizzas to deliver to his Las Vegas campaign headquarters. Maybe he chose them since they were featured in Travel and Leisure, who noted their use of Molina Caputo flour “for a chewy, slightly sour crust” that perfectly complements the use of San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella and basil.

As you might have guessed from the particular ingredients used, Settebello specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza, meaning thin crusts topped with the freshest toppings, many of which are sourced directly from Italy. In fact, Settebello is a member of the venerable Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN), established in Napoli in 1984 and which issues guidelines for “true” Neapolitan pizzas.

Metro Pizza

Metro Pizza co-owner John Arena is something of a pizza legend. He’s even taught classes on the history of pizza at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas! His philosophy of pizza, in his own words: “For a pizza or a pizzeria to approach greatness the entire experience must tell us something about the person or people who created it.”

Entering Metro Pizza, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a classic 80s diner. But it’s the expertly prepared pizza that’ll have you coming back for a second visit. And not just the pizza: do yourself a favor and try the (new) succulent meatball sliders on fresh-baked garlic knots.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

An import from Brooklyn, Grimaldi’s has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the Vegas pizza scene. We featured Grimaldi’s previously as a great eatery that’s budget-friendly without sacrificing flavor. Their coal-fired brick oven pizza imbues each New York-style* pie with an unmistakable and delicious smokiness, beneath the rich and fresh ingredients that melt in your mouth.

If you’re a meat-lover, try the meatball pizza if it’s available. The meatballs are thickly sliced and generously layered on the pie for a savory explosion of flavor.

Just FYI: New York-style is derived from the Neapolitan variety, which is why they’re both thin crust pizzas. For a more in-depth explanation, check out this article from SeriousEats.com.

Due Forni

Due Forni, a relative newcomer, has received some serious acclaim around these parts. It was this year’s winner of the Best Pizza in Vegas from Vegas Eater. Before that, it got a rave review from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Due forne is Italian for “two ovens.” The first oven at Due Forni is heated to 500 degrees to bake Roman-style (very crispy) pizza. The second one is heated to 900 degrees, which yields delicious Neapolitan-style pies. According to Vegas Eater, it’s the sheer quality of ingredients that helped push Due Forni to the top.

The Review-Journal has some good advice too: don’t pass up the appetizers. The reviewer particularly enjoyed the carpaccio (which, indeed, is mouth-wateringly good). But if you’re feeling even a little adventurous, we suggest the Polipo: braised octopus tossed with arugula and a light mint vinaigrette. It’s so tender (which, as with calamari, is just so crucial to the success of the dish), with all of the flavors perfectly balanced.

The Best Burgers in Las Vegas


Fukuburger moves it delicious delicacies faster than any of the other joints on this list. That’s because it’s a food truck, rather than a diner or restaurant, and it changes locations daily. For that reason, you’ll have to check its website to find its spot for the day. Thankfully, Fukuburger (unlike many food trucks) is pretty good at being where (and when) it says it’s going to be.

And for all that it serves its burgers out of a vehicle, Fukuburger is celebrated locally for its amazing menu. And as soon as you bite into that messy burger overflowing with Asian-themed condiments, you’ll be transported into a heavenly realm of fine dining. These burgers are amazing! You can’t go wrong with any of the selections from Fukuburger’s limited menu. If you want something new and different (but definitely trendy), try adding a fried egg – you’ll be shocked at how good the unexpected melding of flavor and texture tastes.

Bachi Burger

Bachi Burger is another spot that specializes in Asian-themed burger options. Their Banh Mi Burger –a fusion of beef, pork and shrimp settled between fresh brioche buns – is divine. It’s also one of the most unique burgers you’ll ever enjoy. A fan favorite: the Ronin Burger, dripping with caramelized onions, Japanese cole slaw and miso goma dressing … and a fried egg.

Beware: it’s huge both in flavor and on your plate. You might want to tackle this one with a fork-and-knife.

Honey Salt

Honey Salt prepares old classics with new elegance. Featuring grass-fed blends of ground chuck, brisket and short rib, their down-home burgers taste like haute cuisine. Once again, you have the option of ordering your burger “Kim-style” with an egg. (Noticing a bit of a craze?)

Eggs aren’t the only trend. Many of the best burger joints in the area feature ginormous burgers that are almost logistically impossible to eat by hand. Honey Salt’s recent special wagyu burger (from May 2013) is a good example: its size practically gave our arms as much of a workout as our mouths!

In-N-Out Burger

You might already live somewhere with an In-N-Out Burger (like Arizona, California, Utah, Texas or Nevada), in which case it probably seems strange for us to recommend a chain that you can find down the street. But for those of you not lucky enough to have tasted the famed In-N-Out, get thee to the nearest location! You’ll quickly discover why In-N-Out tops even local lists of best burgers.

Especially if you read through the gourmet burgers above and thought, “Burgers with eggs! Sacrilege!” In-N-Out will give you one of the best classic, American-style burgers you didn’t even know you were craving. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with their not-so-secret menu first, so you can get the best burger.

Three delicious budget-friendly eats in Las Vegas

Foodies rejoice! Las Vegas is known for its gambling, its glitter, and its glamorous nightlife, but the place is also a gastronomic haven.

Some of the best restaurants on Planet Earth are located in Vegas, many of which will set you back a pretty penny, dime and often a goodly number of Ben Franklins.

The Barrymore

99 Convention Center Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Want one of the best burgers in town in one of Vegas’s swankiest and most stylish establishments? Then The Barrymore is for you: one part pub, one part classic English library, and one part 1930s speakeasy, the dark, sumptuous décor cocoons you in velvet and leather. And the food is just as gorgeous, with American Classic cuisine paired with local craft beer and handcrafted cocktails.
In the end, get the burger. And get a reservation: (702) 407-5303.

Crepe Expectations

9500 S Eastern Ave
Ste. 150
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Versatile, affordable and downright delicious, crepes are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Vegas favorite Crepe Expectations has the batter down to a science – and even includes gluten-free batters – so that, whether you choose sweet or savory, you’ll always get a meal you relish.

Dividing the menu into “Savory Yum” and “Sweet Yum,” the chefs here cater to every taste bud: take your crepe to Little Italy with pepperoni, mozzarella, and a tomato-garlic-basil sauce. Or stuff it with veggies such as red bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and red onion. Or take a walk on the sweet side, pairing it with buttered pears, perhaps? Add in some goat cheese and candied walnuts and honey and you’ve got The Avalon. Cheap and delicious. We like that.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

9595 S Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123

You like thin crust? You’ll love Grimaldi’s. One of Vegas’s most beloved pizza joints, Grimaldi’s serves New York, thin-style pizza and fantastic drinks.

A Riviera tip for you: try to sit out on the patio. It’s a great atmosphere that enhances the meal.