Convention centers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a worldwide renowned city, not only in the United States. This bright city is filled with buildings specialized to lend entertainment, especially gambling – principal reason why it is also known as the “Sin City”. Specifically, The Las Vegas Strip (better known as The Strip), the most famous section of Las Vegas, is the most important commercial center of the area. Actually, it is a part of Las Vegas Boulevard South, and it isn’t even part of Las Vegas; it is mostly located through Paradise and Winchester, adjacent cities. Anyhow, everyone considers The Strip as part of Las Vegas.

But beyond entertainment, Las Vegas is also a very important social and commercial center. That is why there are several prestigious convention centers in Las Vegas, which are essential in order to develop a city’s commercial and social projects, beneficial for its habitants. Due to the importance of convention centers, we’ll analyze some of the most relevant convention centers in Las Vegas.

The most important convention centers in Las Vegas

The following paragraphs will show you the most important convention centers in Las Vegas. Many of them are located in hotel complexes, very common buildings in The Strip. No matter where the convention centers are located, they are, undoubtedly, largely important for the economic and social development of Las Vegas. So, let’s see which these convention centers are:

Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Mandalay Bay is one of Las Vegas’s most prestigious hotels, with a breathtaking appearance from inside and outside. One of the various premises that are part of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino complex is its convention center, officially called the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

It was officially inaugurated in January 2003. It is a must-be in this list, because it’s one of United States’ largest convention centers, with an incredible space of 1,000,000 square feet. This means that it can host approximately 70 events at the same time with enough space for all. It counts with several ballrooms, from which the largest one is 100,000 square feet.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Definitely, the Las Vegas Convention Center (better known by its acronym LVCC) can’t miss in this article. Our doubts are cleared out when we notice that the LVCC is the world’s largest single-level convention center! With 1,940,631 square feet of exhibit space, few other convention centers are alike LVCC.

Convention centers in Las Vegas

Its inauguration took place in April 1959. It has been home of a wide variety of important events throughout its history. Even though it has been expanded 13 times since its inauguration, another expansion is being planned. This time, 500,000 square feet will be integrated to the LVCC, to make its total space almost reach 2.5 million sq. ft.

Sands Expo and Convention Center

The Sands Expo and Convention Center – generally referred to as Sands Expo only – has an incredible size: 2,250,000 sq. ft. By the time it was built, it was the world’s second-largest convention center. However, other larger convention centers progressively were built, even though few have surpassed Sands Expo’s size. Sand Expo has been used as an overflow space when Las Vegas Convention Center is outgrown.

Convention centers in Las Vegas

As well as the LVCC, the Sands Expo will also have a future expansion, which would come along with other buildings and interesting features.

Cashman Center

One of the few convention centers that are actually located in Las Vegas, Cashman Center is another convention center owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, also owners of the LVCC. Relatively to the other convention centers mentioned in this list, Cashman Center is small: 483,000 sq. ft., but it is still an important site of interesting expos and conventions.


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