Riviera Hotel Newark New Jersey

The Riviera Hotel, located in Newark, New Jersey, is one of the hotels that United Airlines includes in their emergency hotels list. Although this is means that it is recommended by some, in order to know if a hotel is good enough to deserve your money, you must know what it offers and some reviews. But superficial knowledge is insufficient in these cases, or at least most of them; you need to make plenty researching to make sure that it is the destination you want. That is why we have made an entire article about the Newark Riviera Hotel: to give you useful information about it.

What the Newark Riviera Hotel offers

The Riviera lends interesting amenities. For example, it disposes of a 24-hour front desk, ideal to attend the hosts’ necessities all time along with excellent service. Notably, each room has free Wi-fi, in order to give high-speed internet connection to all clients. The rooms have sufficient variety to offer comfort to single persons, couples, small groups/families and large groups/families.

It has its own gym and business center, as well as a conference room and several vending machines throughout the building. Secure parking is also included. The establishment comes with a coffee shop which lends beverages and snacks.

Riviera Hotel Newark New Jersey

Every room has wooden floor, flat-screen TV with premium channels, a small fridge, sitting area, and some of them enjoy an amazing skyline view of New York City.

Riviera Hotel’s location

It has a relatively good location, because it is only 1 mile away from the Rutgers University and 5 minutes (car ride) away from the Prudential Center and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center as well. These important sites are good references, and contribute to the good location of the hotel.

Plus, Newark is renowned as New Jersey’s largest city and also is an important cultural, educational, commercial and social capital. It is 5 miles away from Manhattan, one of the most important districts in U.S. and internationally.

Another fact that contributes to the Riviera’s excellent strategic location is the proximity to the Newark Liberty International Airport, a very important airport, considered the busiest airport in the Northeast in 2013. In fact, official statuses indicate that more than 40,000,000 passengers were received in the Liberty International Airport, independently if as a layover or a destination. Well, the Riviera is located 10 minutes (car ride) away from this important airport.

Riviera Hotel Newark New Jersey

The Liberty International Airport is a hub airport for United Airlines; simultaneously, the near location of the Riviera Hotel lets it be in the emergency hotel list of the United Airlines. Evidently, its strategic location is useful.

Negative points about Newark Riviera Hotel

Like every hotel, the Riviera has negative points. Even though many clients are satisfied, most of them have complained about its disrepair, which isn’t completely evident, but is noticeable. The disrepair is mostly due to its almost 100 years of history. Definitely, maintaining centenary premises is not easy at all.

However, disrepair isn’t the only negative point… Its location is also a problem. It might sound contradictory because we previously said that its location was strategically excellent. But the problem is that it is located in one of Newark’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Many hosts have reported that the hotel’s surroundings are frequently filled with not-so-friendly-looking people. Besides, taking a night walk seems like a very bad idea.

Riviera Hotel Newark New Jersey


The following are two of the most relevant reviews referring to the Riviera Hotel in Newark:

“It was OK; when I arrived the check-in was fast. The parking service was relatively cheap. It is an old but nice hotel. The room I stayed in was spacious and had a fridge and TV. The room also seemed old, but it was comfortable. The only problem was at night; the area around the hotel turned dangerous. At that time, inebriate people and gangs started to appear, and police sirens were regularly heard. But taking that away, the hotel is very nice. In front you can take a bus to the subway station that drops you in front of the Madison Square Garden in one hour”.

“You must be very cautious while staying in this hotel. The surroundings are highly dangerous. Some taxi drivers told us that the hotel was a hotel for homeless people. The photos don’t match with how it looks like in real life. Night walks are almost impossible; the idea of walking around there at night is terrifying. There are few places to find food. If it wasn’t for its location, it would be a better hotel.”