Riviera reviews

When we talk about Las Vegas, the first thing that we think about – generally – is casinos and large hotels and resorts. In fact, Las Vegas’s fame is because of them, principally. That’s why many people have asked themselves: when did Las Vegas start to gain prestige and attract so many tourists? Well, it all started with some historic hotels like the Riviera Hotel & Casino, a well-remembered former hotel that once had been one of Las Vegas’s most popular premises. Let’s learn a little more about this hotel that played a special role in Las Vegas’s development into the city that it is today.

What is the Riviera Hotel & Casino?

The Riviera Hotel & Casino is a former hotel & casino that was located in The Strip, Winchester, Nevada. It used to be one of the greatest attractions in the entire city throughout mid-century XX until starts of the XXI century. Along with its permanent show – the Crazy Girls, the topless burlesque show that earned its own bronze statue in front of the hotel’s casino in 1997 –, its 110,000 sq. ft. casino and 2,100+ rooms distributed through the building, the Riviera was one of the must-visit hotels in The Strip for decades.Riviera reviews

Riviera Hotel & Casino history

Although the first proposal to build the Riviera was by the mobster William Bischoff, his later withdrawal from the project led Samuel Cohen (a businessman from Miami) to take over the project and its prosecution. It was inaugurated in April 20, 1955. However, the establishment received gaming license in 1952, while it was still under the control of Bischoff.

When it was officially opened in 1955, it was the first high-rise hotel in The Strip, setting a start point for all the other high-rise hotels that came next. Additionally, it also had an innovative design, unlike the other hotels in The Strip, which were motel-like and resembled roadside motor courts.

Riviera Hotel & Casino reviews

The Riviera has gathered a wide variety of reviews because of the massive amount of visitors it has received until it was closed and demolished in 2015 – 2016. Now, we’ll show you some of these reviews, which will help you to have an idea of how The Riv (its colloquial name) was before its demolishment.

Riviera reviews

“Maybe this hotel doesn’t have such prestige as before, back then when it hosted famous and other important people. I had the honor to stay in this hotel too, and I don’t regret it, it was awesome. The service was excellent, very kind, and the hotel itself is well-conserved and nice”.

“This hotel is excellent! I stayed for a few days in the Riviera, and I would say that it is family-friendly and fun for people of all ages. The rooms are sufficiently spacious and the hygiene level is great”.

“I loved it. The rooms are comfortable and very clean. The environment here is wonderful. And the price is even better. Even though it isn’t located in what most people know as The Strip, it is very close to it. It is worth visiting”.

“Visiting The Riviera was like a trip to the past. Contemplating the vast classic casino reminds me of the time when Sinatra shined in the stage with Presley and Liberace. That time when Las Vegas was gaining worldwide attention and famous people would take some vacations here and hundreds of visitors came to gamble. Las Vegas still has the gambling spirit, but The Riviera will make you go back to the beginnings of the Strip. Definitely, a place you have to visit”.

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