Riviera Hotel and Casino came in “twos”, The Riviera Monte Carlo and Monaco Towers, which were all set to be imploded in Jun 2016 and August 2016 respectively. This was due to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s plans to use the property for the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Riviera was built on a 26-acre land and had over 2000 rooms. The Hotel was finally closed in May 2015 after 60 years of business. And was in turn bought by Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority in the same year as part of its 1.4 billon dollar plan to renovate, rebuild and expand the Las Vegas Convention Center that is located along the Paradise road.

The two demolitionsIn June 14th 2016, the magnificent Riviera Hotel and Casino’s 24-story Monaco Tower was planned to be set ablaze and imploded to the ground. This was done in a party-filled atmosphere and a happy mood with a fireworks show and a VIP area that live music, food, drinks and showgirls who entertained the viewers before the fateful event. And by around 1 a.m., a hand full of people were gathered along the Las Vegas Boulevard from the Riviera Hotel. As they took pictures of the historic hotel going ablaze before finally meeting the ground. The authorities secured publicly accessible sites from the designated safe zone where they allowed spectators to watch the implosion.

First Implosion

The first demolition of the Riviera Hotel & Casino, the 24-story Monaco Tower gets imploded on June 14 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Second Implosion

About two months after that, August 16 2016, the second tower was planned for demolition. The implosion of, the 22-story Monte Carlo Tower and other property that had remained from the 24-story Monaco Tower implosion, was schedule for 2.00am on that day but this time there was no fanfare. No parties or even speeches just crushing down the high-rise and one of Las Vegas’ most famous to the ground. On top of that, there was no designated viewing area, near business and residences were asked to either leave the area or stay indoors for around half an hour, due to the dust produced during the implosion. With the likes The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge that are always open 24hrs were temporarily closed for about one hour during the implosion time.