Riviera Hotel South Beach

South Beach is a famous touristic destination located in Florida’s largest and most important city: Miami. Its proximity to the beach makes it one of the favorite destinations for tourists that visit Florida. Also, the high-range hotels that are in this area contribute to forge the district’s reputation as a renowned touristic destination. In this occasion, we’ll review the most relevant characteristics, services, amenities and disadvantages of the Riviera Hotel & Suites South Beach.

What the Riviera Hotel & Suites South Beach offers

The Riviera Hotel & Suites South Beach is a modern, hygienic, fun and well-cared beachside hotel that combines avant-garde with classic design. Most of their clients have been satisfied by the service and amenities. Generally speaking, the Riviera Hotel & Suites South Beach is referred to as an excellent place to stay.

Riviera Hotel South Beach

The rooms of the Riviera Hotel & Suites vary depending on the hosts’ necessities and/or likes; from single-bedroom apartment-like accommodations to modern balcony rooms with a spectacular beach view and classic, stylish rooms, this hotel has a lot to offer. Most of the luxurious bedrooms come with their own plasma TVs along with satellite service to keep you entertained while you’re in the room. Also, hosts enjoy free high-speed Wi-fi, full kitchen, daily housekeeping and spacious rooms. Rooms have a modern, nice and spruce appearance thanks to the wooden floor and modernly-designed furniture. Undoubtedly, your satisfaction is assured by only taking a glimpse of the rooms.

Besides, it offers massage and spa services to let you forget about your problems and relief stress. Full-service restaurants and bars will also be available, in case you are hungry and don’t want to leave the hotel.

One of the best amenities that are offered by the Riviera Hotel & Suites South Beach is its outstanding service. The hotel staff will be delighted to attend you.

The Riviera Hotel & Suite’s location

South Beach is such a great touristic destination for a reason. This district is very attractive and nicely preserved, generally. It is perfect for those who seek lots of fun and entertainment, as well as relax and relief.

Riviera Hotel South Beach

This hotel transmits the joyful and fun-seeking beach spirit that abounds in South Beach. The nightlife in the Riviera is excellent because its surroundings are filled with nightclubs, bars and other similar premises. On another hand, by day hosts can take a 5-minute walk to the near beach and have a fun time or just relax under the sun and the soothing sounds of the beach. (And if you don’t like the beach, don’t worry: the Riviera also has a rooftop swimming pool and an exclusive secluded courtyard swimming pool.) Additionally, it is only 3 minutes (by foot) away from the Bass Art Museum and only 15 minutes (by car) from the Miami International Airport (in fact, it has a complimentary shuttle from/to the airport). And the Miami Botanical Garden is only 880 yards away, especially relevant for nature-lovers. Entertainment is guaranteed if you stay in the Riviera.

South Beach, especially Ocean Drive, is a zone where Art Deco buildings abound. In fact, the Riviera itself is a renovated Art Deco building. These premises lend a pleasant view by the beach, which means that taking a walk nearby is a marvelous idea.


Now, we will quote some reviews that refer to this hotel:

“From the moment we stepped in the hotel, we received excellent attention. The staff made their best effort to search for a room that could fit my family’s needs. We were kindly guided to the room, and they showed us what we needed to know about the room for a pleasant stay. The swimming pools are spectacular, and the residential zone where the hotel is located gives it a nice, cozy environment. Besides, the Wi-fi is awesome! I recommend it 100%”

“The hotel is beautiful. The Cuban restaurant offers foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rooms were wonderful; well-cleaned, comfortable and with everything that you need to relax and rest. It is excellent for people of all ages and likes and is also family-friendly, but at the same time is perfect for couples and singles”

“Service is great. Besides, it has the ideal environment and facilities for a South Beach hotel. Plus, it is close to many interesting sites, for extra fun”