Take a Day Trip to Valley of Fire State Park

We love Las Vegas! But every once in a while, as the song goes, be leaving Las Vegas is the thing to do. (But not for long! There’s too much fabulousness to explore here in Sin City to stay away for long.) A day trip to the desert is the perfect way to explore what else the great state of … Read More

Day Trip to Mojave National Park

Today we’re going to explore Mojave National Preserve, one of the best “get away from it all” spots within driving distance of Vegas. Less than two hours away by car, the Mojave National Preserve offers wildlife, wildflowers and a wild mix of natural features in a single national park. With 1.6 million acres, the Preserve is the third largest National … Read More

Day Trip To Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of the more distant day trips from the Riviera Hotel, taking about 21/2 hours to reach (driving directions here). In fact, it’s actually located across state lines, in southern Utah, but it is beautiful and offers unique attractions that make it worth a (very) long day. Western pioneers named the park after the Hebrew word … Read More