Vegas Secrets: Tips

Today, we’re going to explore secret travel tips that will making getting around Vegas easier, and help make your gaming more profitable.

Catch A Cab On The Right Side

If you’re heading south on the Strip, catch a cab on the west side. Likewise, if you’re going north, catch a cab on the east side.

This is common sense, but many travelers opt for convenience over strategy. While you might end up having to cross the street on foot, it’ll save you money and time when you give the cab a straight shot to your destination. If your visit lasts more than a couple of days, cab rides will add up quickly.

Hire A Designated Driver

(702) 456-RIDE (7433)

If you’ve been having a night on the town, Designated Drivers, Inc. is a clever little business: you can hire a driver to transport you in your own vehicle, 24 hours a day. The business generally gets good feedback and has scored an A+ rating from the BBB of Southern Nevada. The basic fare is $60 for the first 10 miles, plus $5 for every 10 miles that follow, and they promise to arrive in 30 minutes or less. Visit their site for more information.

What The Deuce: It’s a Bus!

The Deuce is an economical way with a view to get around the Strip and downtown Vegas: it’s a gold double-decker bus that runs along the Strip and into downtown run by the Las Vegas Regional Transport System. A one-time, 24-hour pass costs $7. Be sure to get a seat on the second level, which offers surprisingly great views.


Park at the El Cortez if venturing downtown. It offers over 1,200 free self-parking spots. During special events like First Fridays, you can even take advantage of a free shuttle stop right outside the main entrance to El Cortez.

Of course, that doesn’t do you much good along the Strip or elsewhere, so here’s a corollary tip: you’ll save time finding space parking garages if you just drive straight to the roof. Most casinos, including the Riviera, offer multi-story parking garages for guests – ours is eight stories! You’re also more likely to find a space near the elevators when you park on upper levels. Bonus benefit: you never have to remember what level of the parking garage you parked on if you always park on the roof.

Spot The Locals

We’ve spent this series dishing on secret spots and tips known only to locals, but there’s one time when you might not find local knowledge so welcome: gaming.

So unless you are a practiced gambler, you might want to shy away from playing locals, who tend to have more opportunities to hone their casino skills than visitors do. That can give them a serious edge. But how can you tell a local from a tourist? Here’s a simple tell: if the dealer greets the players by names, that’s a pretty good indication they’re regulars. That doesn’t mean you can’t play; just find a different table or game for the time being.

Pro tip: not only will the odds be ever in your favor if you play other tourists, you can game the situation by playing late-night, when other players are more likely to be fatigued and tipsy tourists.

Be Nice

“Be nice!?” you ask. “That’s your secret tip!” The benefits of being nice to people are no secret, but we have a particular person in mind here: do you know who or what a Casino Floorman is? This is the person who oversees the casino floor, ensures everything is running smoothly, and interacts with guests on everything from problems to requests. They’re not the top boss, but they’re the on-the-ground person managing everything. And the Floorman has a lot of say over little things like, oh, say, comps and honoring special requests, which dealers can’t do. More importantly, the Floorman is often the person who judges whether players look to be profitable to the casino (and thus worthy of comps by higher-ups). This doesn’t mean you’re free to be rude to dealers, though: they often report to the Floorman. Trust us, we’ve seen it over and over again: kind, respectful players are a lot more likely to get their way with the people with say-so than belligerent, posturing gamblers.

And there you have it: secret Vegas tips formerly known only to locals and those in-the-know. Be sure to keep reading, as we’ll feature more tips and tricks from time to time. Thanks for reading!

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