Crazy Girls Las Vegas

Las Vegas is internationally renowned as a perfect destination for leisure and entertainment. This city is home to many of the world’s largest hotels by number of rooms, along with famous casinos and other entertainment sites alike. Adult entertainment is very extended in Las Vegas; no wonder why it is called colloquially as the “Sin City”.

Even there is a wide variety of adult entertainment sites in this city, there are some shows that have gained more fame due to the quality and sexiness of their presentations and/or time making shows. One of the most famous adult shows in Las Vegas history is “Crazy Girls”, undoubtedly. Let’s learn more about this franchise and show’s history and why it gained such fame in such renowned adult-entertainment-filled city.

Crazy Girls Las Vegas

History of the Crazy Girls

The Crazy Girls first started to perform in the well-known Riviera Hotel & Casino, which was demolished, and became one of the place’s most relevant attractions as well. The Crazy Girls’ first show took place in this hotel/casino more than 20 years from now.

The show performed by the “Crazy Girls” rapidly increased in popularity. In fact, in 1997, a bronze statue was raised in honor to this show, including the transgender Jahna Steele. The girls in the bronze statue appear facing the wall; the most relevant parts of the statue are their shiny buttocks due to the frequent rubbing from the people who passes by. This statue has turned into a landmark of Las Vegas, being a frequently visited site in the city; it is even considered as an amulet for good luck by many persons.

The picture on which the statue is inspired was easily spotted in several taxicabs in Las Vegas for advertising purposes, but later, for legal issues, they were removed. However, the Crazy Girls and the show’s producers fought back until the authorities gave up. The Crazy Girls’ iconic picture can still be seen in Las Vegas’ taxi cabs until our days.

Crazy Girls Las Vegas

What makes the Crazy Girls’ show so special

The Crazy Girls have performed in presence of very famous figures like Magic Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Tom Jones, Robert DeNiro and even more. The show has maintained itself as one of the most recognized fixtures in Las Vegas and the entire country as well. Besides, the Crazy Girls are known for being the longest running burlesque show in the USA.

The Crazy Girls are owners of one of the best topless shows in Las Vegas. The participants of the group are high-trained professional dancers that offer very sexy topless sessions. Having a great time is assured, it’s their specialty. This show has entertained audiences for decades, and still promises a sizzling, exciting and highly sexy presentation. Their dancing routines alternate frequently, so surprises are guaranteed for spectators; the girls perform a wide variety of international choreographies to maintain the audience entertained at every moment. And, of course, their sexiness has no rival in Las Vegas. Taking a moment to witness what is easily the best sexy show in the city will not be later regretted.