When people search for hotels, what most of them want can be resumed in a single word: comfort. Now, only few hotels can combine comfort with other important factors in each hotel, like good esthetic, service and location. Well, in this article, we’ll analyze one specific hotel that gathers what most people love in a resort: the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel.

Riviera Hotel Palm Springs location

As you can notice by its name, the Riviera Palm Springs is located in Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs is renowned for being a great touristic destination, one of the best destinations in the entire state. It is home to many of the world’s most important golf courses, and it is close to one of California’s most impressive mountains: the San Jacinto Peak, which is over 10,000 feet tall, and provides a wonderful view to the whole city. Therefore, we can deduce evidently that the Riviera Palm Springs has a marvelous location.

Riviera Hotel Palm Springs

Details about Riviera Palm Springs

Most of the hotel review websites offer positive comments about the Riviera Palm Springs hotel. It is officially rated as a 4-star hotel, a noticeable rating in the Unites States. Consider that reaching a 4-star rating in U.S.A is not easy at all. But, why does this hotel have such reputation? Let’s see why.

Good reputation wrought by the years

The Riviera Palm Springs hotel has acquired fame throughout the years thanks to the outstanding service it offers. In fact, this hotel was inaugurated in 1959! It attracted important celebrities in the past, like Elvis Presley, Rat Pack, Cher, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and more. Those early years contributed to the sudden upswing of the hotel’s reputation. Although the heyday of the Riviera has passed, today it maintains itself in a high level. Few hotels can brag about such history.

Visually amazing

The Riviera lends a unique design that conceals different architectural styles in an amazingly harmonious manner. Several decades old doesn’t affect negatively its avant-garde design. Of course, some classic elements are conserved to make honor to its rich history, but never interfering with the modern comforts that hosts search for.

Riviera Hotel Palm Springs

Even though its design is characterized for being a well-elaborated, elegant style, its unique appearance is rapidly perceived because of its simplicity, somehow integrated with its amazing aspect. The Riviera hotel is eclectic, something that is easily noticeable by only taking a glimpse of one of its rooms or halls. Incredibly, its variety of esthetical ideologies clash together.

All the previous elements include the breathtaking view of the San Jacinto Mountains and/or beautiful gardens, providing incredible landscapes… something that hosts love.

Excellent service

Of course, service is essential to lend comfort. Well, the Riviera Hotel counts with an outstanding service, which includes the following:

Spa. The award-winning Thai-inspired spa in the Riviera, Azure Spa, offers the best relaxing massages and soothing therapies.

Swimming pool. The Soleil Pool & Bar combines an excellent bar and cuisine with a beautiful swimming pool to have a nice time while soaking in the sun. Exquisite cold beverages are also available, excellent partners while being in a swimming pool.

Activities. You won’t get bored while being in the Riviera, because staff and hired performers are adequately trained to assure hosts plenty entertainment. Board games, cards, an arcade, croquet, giant Jenga, and much more is available in 24 acres of resort grounds. Additionally, a great variety of events are periodically displayed. Definitely, having a great time is guaranteed.

Nice food. 5 restaurants are located in the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel: Café Palmetto, Soleil Pool & Bar, Gypsy Rose, Cantala and The Landing Bar & Lounge.

Celebrate important occasions

If you desire, you can hire a section of the hotel to host a special occasion, like a wedding, bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday, or any other celebration. The basic services are offered along with the reservation you make. Besides, the possibility of staying in a room after the party makes things much easier in case of a late-night celebration.

These celebrations can take place in one of the 3 ballrooms or the executive Boardroom, depending on your needs. And if you are planning a larger event, the 19,670 sq. ft. ballroom might be the best option for you. The hotel’s surroundings – wonderful pools, stunning landscapes, picturesque courtyards, and more – promote a formal but relaxed environment, which is perfect for your meeting, independently on which theme it has.

Generally speaking, the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel guarantees a great time during your stay.