How to elope to Vegas in style!

The Ultimate Elopement

Let’s just say, we’re well practiced at pitching the perfect wedding ceremony. Performing thousands of them will do that! So how does this sound?

Someone Else Handles Every Worry

People don’t elope because they want to make their weddings harder on themselves! So the first step in the ultimate elopement: we assign a practiced, expert personal wedding coordinator. This person shoulders the burden of planning the event and making specific recommendations based on your tastes and personal style. Every detail – sharp photography, delicious wedding cakes, stunning floral arrangements, tailored clothing needs – will be meticulously addressed, and you are free to take charge in the decision-making as much as you wish, or let your personal wedding coordinator handle it all for you.

A Wedding That Lets You Relax

Instead of furiously running around taking care of last minute details and succumbing to eleventh hour freakouts, your wedding experience starts with a day spa pass for two, with a couples massage for the happy couple. Sink into the sublime delights of a local day spa, and let other people take care of the details.

A Ceremony That’s As Entertaining As It Is Beautiful

Here’s where we really shine: whatever flavor or theme of wedding you’d like, we’re ready. We’ve seen it all, and we can put it all together on the fly as part of an affordable package. Looking for a solemn, gorgeous ceremony? The Riviera Wedding Chapel is perfect at proving that eloping doesn’t mean sacrificing dignity. Or maybe you’d prefer a ceremony that spices things up? Then we’re happy to let an Elvis impersonator give the bride away and then entertain the couple with several classic songs.

Celebrate In True Vegas Style

Enjoy a limo ride along the Las Vegas strip with champagne and crystal flutes that are yours to keep. This is a wedding reception done right: a party on the go, either just for the newlyweds or for their small wedding party. No worries about picking a location, selecting a caterer, watching Uncle Bob get drunk and make inappropriate passes at your bridesmaids. Just two lovebirds, and maybe their closest friends or family, celebrating in style.

Add A Little Extra Romance

Still thinking this elopement thing is a little lacking? Please. We’re polished professionals at crafting a romantic atmosphere. How do you feel about a honeymoon suite strewn with fresh rose petals and chocolate truffles, with a primo bottle of champagne or wine awaiting an evening of personal, mutual congratulations between the happy couple?

Elope to Vegas in Style!

Maybe none of the ideas in this post quite struck your fancy? That’s the beauty of eloping to Vegas: you can piece together the perfect ceremony just for you. It can be as fancy and stylish as you see in the movies, or as down-home and off-the-wall as matches your personality. You can work as hard at it as you want, or just let go and let our coordinators magically pull it together.

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