Las Vegas weather in August

The Las Vegas Valley has a similar climate throughout the entire year, no matter which month. The difference of weather from one month to another is practically unnoticeable, but exists. Generally, Las Vegas is known for its very hot temperatures and few precipitations. In fact, throughout the city, many huge fans are usual, in order to help people cool out. However, let’s concentrate in the weather in the month of August.

Climate of Las Vegas in August

Las Vegas has a desert climate, generally; more specifically, subtropical hot desert climate. This is especially due to the fact that the city lies in the middle of a desert (Mojave Desert). Throughout the summer, the heat intensifies significantly. July is generally the hottest month of the year. Based on several stats, the average maximum temperature registered in Las Vegas throughout August is 46.7 ºC, an impressively high temperature. Although reaching the average maximum temperature is sporadic and not very likely, it’s possible.

The minimum absolute temperature registered in August drops down to 12.2 ºC, resulting in an overall average temperature in Las Vegas in August of 32.6 ºC. Even though it is much lower than the average maximum temperature, the average temperature in Las Vegas is also very hot. Notably, the average maximum and minimum temperatures are hard to reach, but are established by previous registers in the zone; these registers work to calculate a definite average. Also, the registers are realized every month; the annual average is based on each month’s registers.

August is one of the hottest months in Las Vegas, but the lack of humidity that characterizes the zone reduces the maddening heat feeling. Precipitations are very low in Las Vegas, independently on which month. In August, the total precipitations average is only 8.4 mm.

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