Spotlight on the Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Center, a two-minute drive from the Riviera Hotel and Casino, is one of the largest and most popular convention centers in the world. With 3.2 million square feet to spare – including two million square feet of exhibit space and 144 meeting rooms, the center hosts a constant stream of fascinating exhibits, showrooms and conventions. And it’s surrounded by some of the best golfing, gambling, and entertainment around: It’s no wonder that conference attendance increases by an average of 13 percent when an event is held in our fair city!

When planning a trip to Las Vegas, it’s often a good idea to check whether an unusually large convention is happening.

January, for instance, brings an annual stream of about 120,000 souls into Sin City for the International Consumer Electronics Show. That enormous number of people can make it difficult to find an inexpensive hotel room, so we recommend planning a January Vegas trip well in advance (and checking our site first, as we offer some of the best deals in town, even during the heavy convention season).

Keep in mind that you yourself can take advantage of the convention center’s vast array of meeting spaces. Let’s say you want to have a family reunion in Vegas. If, for some reason, our hotel’s meeting spaces are booked solid, the convention center is reasonably enough located that it might make sense to hold your reunion there.
For corporate meetings, showcases and other events requiring feats of technical brilliance, the convention center has, in its leaders’ own words, “robust fiber backbone (that) links attendees, exhibitors and organizers.” Lots of cutting-edge stuff there.

Check out some of the convention center’s success stories here, then make sure to book your room at the Riviera as soon as possible. You’ll get the best of both worlds, Vegas-style.

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