How did Las Vegas start?

For so many years, Las Vegas is highly-renowned for its touristic attractiveness due to the spectacular hotels, resorts, casinos and other entertainment sites that are located there. In order to reach the fame that it has in our days, it had to start from the bottom, obviously; fame isn’t acquired automatically. Thus, knowing how Las Vegas turned into what it … Read More

Las Vegas weather in August

The Las Vegas Valley has a similar climate throughout the entire year, no matter which month. The difference of weather from one month to another is practically unnoticeable, but exists. Generally, Las Vegas is known for its very hot temperatures and few precipitations. In fact, throughout the city, many huge fans are usual, in order to help people cool out. … Read More

Where to shop in Las Vegas

Oh, sure: shows and casinos and a buzzing nightlife are all fantastic, but sometimes you just gotta shop. And Las Vegas has some of the best shopping in the country, with not one but two outlet malls, showgirl stores, and shopping centers that feel more like quaint European villages than commercial areas. Contents1 Town Square2 Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas3 … Read More

How to Get the VIP treatment in Las Vegas

VIP service companies are all the rage in Sin City, with some of them providing legitimate, top-of-the-line services, and some acting as little more than scam operations. Although we at the Riviera Hotel & Casino don’t officially endorse any VIP planners, we thought we’d list a few that receive consistently good reviews from our guests. Contents1 What is VIP Service?2 … Read More

The Best Pizza in Las Vegas

Vegas is a foodie’s paradise: we boast more than our fair share of celebrity chefs, and we’ve even managed to transform the humble buffet from perfunctory eating into culinary art. But let’s face it: sometimes you just want to get back to basics, right? Like a delicious piece of pizza pie. Here are our picks for some of the most … Read More

The Best Burgers in Las Vegas

Contents1 Fukuburger2 Bachi Burger3 Honey Salt4 In-N-Out Burger Fukuburger Fukuburger moves it delicious delicacies faster than any of the other joints on this list. That’s because it’s a food truck, rather than a diner or restaurant, and it changes locations daily. For that reason, you’ll have to check its website to find its spot for the day. Thankfully, Fukuburger (unlike … Read More

Three delicious budget-friendly eats in Las Vegas

Foodies rejoice! Las Vegas is known for its gambling, its glitter, and its glamorous nightlife, but the place is also a gastronomic haven. Some of the best restaurants on Planet Earth are located in Vegas, many of which will set you back a pretty penny, dime and often a goodly number of Ben Franklins. Contents1 The Barrymore2 Crepe Expectations3 Grimaldi’s … Read More

Where the Locals Eat in Las Vegas

The locals always know: the best food at fair prices, and all the hidden gems of their city’s culinary scene. If you’re willing to gamble on some places off the beaten path, you’ll enjoy a culinary payout that beats the odds! Vegas is a gastronomic haven offering a veritable cornucopia of amazing eateries – on the Strip and off. But … Read More

Take a Day Trip to Valley of Fire State Park

We love Las Vegas! But every once in a while, as the song goes, be leaving Las Vegas is the thing to do. (But not for long! There’s too much fabulousness to explore here in Sin City to stay away for long.) A day trip to the desert is the perfect way to explore what else the great state of … Read More

Day Trip to Mojave National Park

Today we’re going to explore Mojave National Preserve, one of the best “get away from it all” spots within driving distance of Vegas. Less than two hours away by car, the Mojave National Preserve offers wildlife, wildflowers and a wild mix of natural features in a single national park. With 1.6 million acres, the Preserve is the third largest National … Read More