Day Trip To Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of the more distant day trips from the Riviera Hotel, taking about 21/2 hours to reach (driving directions here). In fact, it’s actually located across state lines, in southern Utah, but it is beautiful and offers unique attractions that make it worth a (very) long day. Western pioneers named the park after the Hebrew word … Read More

Spotlight on the Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Center, a two-minute drive from the Riviera Hotel and Casino, is one of the largest and most popular convention centers in the world. With 3.2 million square feet to spare – including two million square feet of exhibit space and 144 meeting rooms, the center hosts a constant stream of fascinating exhibits, showrooms and … Read More

Day Trip To Death Valley from Las Vegas

One of our favorite day trips from Vegas is a little further than the rest, given that Death Valley isn’t exactly around the corner: you’ll have to drive about 3 hours each way, or take a 40 minute flight. But it’s also one of those mind-blowing experiences that might be worth it to you, if you have the opportunity while … Read More

Day Trip to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam

Nothing can top Las Vegas, but Nevada does have one other mighty claim to fame that’s only about an hour outside of town: the Hoover Dam. This engineering marvel transformed the Southwest, making it possible to actually live in Las Vegas and the rest of the region. Getting to the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead As you drive towards the … Read More

Day trip to Mount Charleston

Need to cool off while you’re in sweltering, sexy Sin City? Then head out of town for about half an hour to temperate, airy Mount Charleston, where temperatures average 20 to 30 degrees cooler than in Las Vegas. Looming a stunning 12,000 feet high over the regional desert, Mount Charleston makes for the perfect daytrip from the city, and not … Read More

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Thanks to our dry desert climate, Nevada is full of fantastic, ancient areas that boast preserved fossils and other unique finds. Las Vegas itself is more than just artificial neon lights: the city named after “the meadows” is surrounded by a cornucopia of beautiful natural sites. Take, for example, Red Rock Canyon, a National Conservation Area: it’s a gorgeous area … Read More

Guide to Las Vegas Wedding Themes

Mulling the glitter and glam of Vegas for your own wedding? If so, you’re in good company: Las Vegas draws millions of engaged couples here each year to celebrate their nuptials. It’s partly the low cost and easy process for getting a license, but there’s more to it than just that. Contents1 Elvis Weddings2 Horror & Fantasy Weddings3 Honorable Mention: … Read More

Day Trip to Area 51

Contents1 Area 511.1 Getting To Area 511.2 The Extraterrestrial Highway1.3 The Alien Research Center1.4 The Black Mailbox (Now White) and the Front Gate1.5 ALeInn1.6 Nighttime Watching1.7 The Back Gate1.8 Is it worth it? Area 51 “The truth is out there,” the X-Files promised us long ago. Turns out, “out there” might just be a couple of hours from Vegas. So … Read More

How to elope to Vegas in style!

Contents1 The Ultimate Elopement1.1 Someone Else Handles Every Worry1.2 A Wedding That Lets You Relax1.3 A Ceremony That’s As Entertaining As It Is Beautiful1.4 Celebrate In True Vegas Style1.5 Add A Little Extra Romance2 Elope to Vegas in Style! The Ultimate Elopement Let’s just say, we’re well practiced at pitching the perfect wedding ceremony. Performing thousands of them will do … Read More

Vegas Secrets: Tips

Today, we’re going to explore secret travel tips that will making getting around Vegas easier, and help make your gaming more profitable. Contents1 Catch A Cab On The Right Side2 Hire A Designated Driver3 What The Deuce: It’s a Bus!4 Parking5 Spot The Locals6 Be Nice Catch A Cab On The Right Side If you’re heading south on the Strip, … Read More